Hidden in Autodesk Express Viewer, AutoCAD 2008, AutoCAD 2005, AutoCAD 2004, ADT 2004, AutoCAD 2002, AutoCAD 2000i and AutoCAD 2000. There is nothing in AutoCAD 2006 and AutoCAD 2007 so don't bother to search for it.

Autodesk Express Viewer Hidden Fun here.

  • CTRL+Click in the About dialog box

Here you can find what is within AutoCAD 2008 and how to activate it.

For AutoCAD 2005.

  • Open the layer dialog box. Press and hold down Shift+Ctrl and click on the "Inverse filter" option.

Have you found the Credits list of AutoCAD 2004 yet? It's really cool with music, animation and all!

  • Press down CTRL and click on the color 152 in the color dialog box.

Try these keys: Y for cheers, 4 to toggle between some visual effects options. Use the mouse buttons (left, middle and right) to navigate.

ADT 2004 - The Team / Fun and Games:

  • Create a style named ExeterNH. (NH stands for New Hampshire, where the development team is located and Exter is a town in NH) Right click and select Whats this?

AutoCAD 2000 - It's there too:

  • Open the dimstyle dialog box using DIMSTYLE command. Hold down the SHIFT key and click on the picture. T stands for Tahoe the code name during the beta

iX-ter Egg AutoCAD 2002

iX-ter Egg AutoCAD 2000i

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