This function can be used if you have moved an xref to another location or if you both have renamed the xref as well as moved it to a new folder.

First argument is the old name
Second argument is the new name
Third argument is the path for the new xref
(XrefRename "XR_01-LIB A" "XR_201" "W:\\project\\1234\\")

This can be done in batch with our JTB SmartBatch or see our JTB FixRefs that can rename xrefs and much more. 

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(defun XrefRename (oldname newname newpath)
  (if (and (findfile (strcat newpath newname ".dwg"))
    (ssget "X" (list '(0 . "INSERT") (cons 2 oldname))))
      ; rename the xref if it is found
      (command "rename" "b" oldname newname)
      ; change the path of the xref if it is found
       (strcat newpath newname)
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