AutoCAD 2014 news that are also relevant for Autodesk Architecture 2014.

This is the 16:th release of AutoCAD Architecture (earlier named AutoCAD Architectural Desktop) Previous version: AutoCAD Architecture 2013.

New and/or enhanced functions

Automated property set definitions

Automatically attach property set definitions to architectural objects, so you can complete quantity takeoff calculations more easily.

You can now attach existing property set definitions to newly created objects and their styles, and easily attach new or modified property set definitions to existing objects.

Command line search—architecture styles

The AutoCAD command line search feature now extends to include architecture styles.

Selecting the Style name in the command line starts the Add command, enabling you to add existing styles to your drawing more quickly.

Project information file backup

Information file backup in AutoCAD Architecture 2014 eliminates the time-consuming chore of rebuilding a project file that has been corrupted.

This feature provides a back-up copy of the up-to-date Project Information file (*.apj), which can be restored if the main copy is corrupted.

Annotation and unit scaling

Change drawing units and object tags, text, and other annotation scaled objects keep the same relative appearance and size.

In addition, many AutoCAD settings, such as linetype scale, are now properly modified when units are changed.

Escarpment block

Use the new escarpment block to quickly generate graphics to represent slope changes, eliminating the need to create these complex graphics manually.

Display order by layer

Set order for layers in a list, and apply the display order for objects on each layer. Preview changes to make sure they are predictable.

Set to layer zero

Change the layer of all drawing entities to layer zero in a single click. Clean up drawings with objects on unused layers by moving them to layer zero.

Block swap

As your design changes, you can make changes to your components more easily. Assign block instances a different definition without recreating the block.

Door enhancements

A top AUGI® request: AutoCAD Architecture 2014 streamlines the workflow for adding doors or windows to a wall by restoring the previous option.

The door Offset/Center command enables placement of doors offset from the end of a wall or centered more easily, as it snaps to each location automatically when you move the cursor over either location.

Door justification enhancement

The Door Justification command enables you to place doors and windows flush with the left or right edge of a wall.

AutoCAD Architecture 2014 product Key is 185F1.

Default command line to start AutoCAD Architecture 2014: "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2014\acad.exe" /ld "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2014\AecBase.dbx" /p "AutoCAD Architecture (Global)" /product "ACA" /language "en-US"

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