Retired by Autodesk in 2010

Previous AutoCAD version AutoCAD 2006 and newer version AutoCAD 2008.

New and/or enhanced functions

New and/or enhanced functions and some bug fixes.

The above picture of AutoCAD 2007 shows a lot of the news.

It is a 3D model on screen with shadows, conceptual visual style, edge overhand, edge jitter, silhouette edges, obscured edges in a perspective projection that you can work in.

Anchored palettes as icons only to the left and with text and icons to the right.

The dashboard palette is a single palette with most 3D features. The command is DASHBOARD. You cannot remove or add commands to it but you can make some settings like selecting what control panels to show and link the control panel icon to a tool palette group so that when you clock on the icon a specific group is activated. Right click on the icon to set the tool palette group to be activated when clicking on the icon.

Save screen space and have layout and model tabs on your status bar if you want to.

New DWG file format. Now it's AutoCAD 2007 DWG. And there is a new icon for the DWGs in Explorer. So users without AutoCAD 2007 needs to download DWG TrueConvert™ that can batch convert from AutoCAD 2007 DWG to 2004, 2000 and R14. Or you can use SaveAs that allows to save down to R14 DWG and R12 DXF as well as several versions in between. AutoCAD 2007 will optionally warn users when the DWG file they are opening was saved using an application that was not created by an Autodesk product or RealDWG licensee. What is a Trusted DWG? Answer here. In the tray within AutoCAD you will either see for a Trusted Autodesk DWG and for a Non Autodesk DWG.

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