2. Tool palette

Steel Frame is a dynamic block. Most of JTB Steel commands on Tool Palette are designed especially to detail this block.

You can change the section, change the elevation view, show or hide center line. No need to explode it to lines and texts, you can break, trim, extend it. You can use grips to edit its end line, change its end to break line or just hide it.

You can use ED or JSC (JSteelChange) commands to edit multiple frames all at once.

Moreover, with wipeout turn on, overlapping frames can be automatically clipped make detailing job much easier.

See also: Draw Steel Frame

Edit Steel Sections and Frames

Similar to ED (JEdit) command, but will work with JTB Steel objects only.

You can edit multiple sections or frames all at once.

Match Section

Match section of source steel object to destination steel objects.

Change Steel Frames Visibilities

Change visibilities of multiple steel frames, all at once.

Break Frames
Trim or Extend Frames

This command works like AutoCAD Trim or Extend command, but objects are Steel Frames.

Similar to Break commands, various break types are available: Right Angle Cut, Break Line Cut, Offset from cutting edges

Tip: While picking up object, press Shift key for to keep center line unchanged; press Ctrl key will keep the frame and trim center line only.

Extend or shrink frame by a distance

You will be ask to specify extend or shrink distance, then continuing select frames to apply the command.

+ If specified distance is positive, command will extend selected Steel Frame at a selected end.

+ If specified distance is negative, command will shrink selected Steel Frame at a selected end.

Tip: Similar to trim command, you can press Shift key to keep center line unchanged; press Ctrl key to stretch center line only.

Join frames end points(s)

+ Select frames. End points within your selection will be detected

+ Select new point

>>> Endpoints of Frames will be stretched and joined at specified point (image above).

Draw order
Steel frame can be shown as filled object since an AutoCAD wipeout is embedded in its definition.

With wipeout on, overlapping frames will be clipped automatically in nature, respect to the draw order of objects.

Beside AutoCAD DrawOrder command, this command will be useful:

+ Select drawing objects in sequence which you want to show in draw order from bottom to the top

+ Because your last selection will be on top, you can use a crossing window to select all the rest

+ Press enter and objects will be redraw up to your selection.

Contact and Support

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