1. Draw palette

On the sections list, you can:

+ Right click on the list view to show section catalog popup menu.

+ Press enter, space bar, or double click to run previous command (e.g. insert section or draw side views)

+ Press Ctrl+C to copy section name text to clipboard

+ On the preview picture, right click will show a command to copy picture to clipboard

Above the section list are commands designed to manage the application:

+ Files menu to open sections library

+ Sections menu to select sections catalog to be shown on the list

+ Manage menu to manage draw setting

+ Draw Options to manage how steel frame will be drawn

+ 'Units' to call AutoCAD Unit Setting command. Steel object will be scaled to the current drawing unit.

+ A command to insert Steel Sections and Frames in tabulate form.

+ Help button to open Quick Start screen and other help links

Below the section list are draw commands:

Insert Section Command

While inserting sections, you can use option keys R and A to Rotate or Align Section.

Once inserted, you an use ED command to change inserted sections.

Draw Steel Frame at left, right, top or bottom view

Steel Frame is a Dynamic Block, inserted by 2 pick points. Type V to change inserted frame visibility with Draw Options window.

Type A, O or F to switch alignment, offset or flip. Once inserted, you can use ED command to edit steel frames.

Note: Sometime especially in drawing with imperial units, the linetype doesn't look right. You can change the linetype scale of each object inside the Steel Frame block definition by click to Draw Options > Linetype Scale Settings.

Convert Command

Convert selected lines and curves to steel frames. Curve can be polyline, arc, circle, ellipse or spline.

Similar to Draw Steel Frame command, after conversion, you can switch alignment, flip or change visibilities with Draw Options window.

Contact and Support

You can download completed User Guide from our web page: https://jtbworld.com/JTB-Steel. It gives installation instructions, explains how each function works, answers most common questions, gives all terms and conditions, etc.

Visit our webpage for more information: https://jtbworld.com/JTB-Steel

For support email us at info@jtbworld.com