3. Sections Library

You can quickly select your startup library by click to Help button at Draw Palette top right corner. This will bring up JTB Steel Quick Start window (image above).

For more insight view of the JTB Steel Sections Library, click "Files" menu on Draw Palette (image below).

Steel Sections database files are text files, and can be easily created and modified by Microsoft Excel application.

Advance features: JTB Steel support you working with custom Member Schedule, custom profile, varies from project to project. See more info in JTB Steel User Guide.pdf >>> Advance Usage or contact us at info@jtbworld.com

Member Schedule

Steel section's name used to be pretty long to remember. Therefore, section often be referred to by short name.

Example: In Australian, engineers use "PF1", "PF2", "PF3" and so on to name Parallel Flange Channel sections. The mapping table for these names are called Member Schedule.

In Draw window, click File menu, click Australian folder and you can see Member Schedule *.txt files, as following:

Once loaded, you can view sections in member schedule by set up the view filter in Sections menu or Popup menu:

You can create your own custom Member Schedule with an ANSI text file. A good way to start is copying an Australian Member Schedule *.txt file in the library, erase rows and enter your new data.

Member Schedule format should be as following:

  1. File name should contains text "Member Schedule"
  2. First row is column header row. Text in first row should always is "Member [tab] Section".
  3. A section in a member schedule actually a reference to a "true" section definition in other files. So, make sure the section definition exists and loaded first. Otherwise, the member schedule section can't be created.

Contact and Support

You can download completed User Guide from our web page: https://jtbworld.com/JTB-Steel. It gives installation instructions, explains how each function works, answers most common questions, gives all terms and conditions, etc.

Visit our webpage for more information: https://jtbworld.com/JTB-Steel

For support email us at info@jtbworld.com