2.1 Edit Steel Sections and Frames

Steel frames with wipeouts

Steel frames in various visibility

Edit Steel Frame window

ED command

Inserted Sections and Frames can be changed easily by ED (JEdit) and Match Section commands.

Type ED (shortcut of JEdit) at command line, or click Edit command on the ribbon, then you can edit selected JTB Steel objects, or texts, dimensions, attributes as well.

For Steel Section, the edit window is similar to Draw Palette window, where you can select new section.

For Steel Frame, the edit window give you more editing options:

+ Center line can be shown or hidden

+ Each end line can be shown as normal line, break line, or hidden.

+ Tag can be shown or hidden

+ Wipeout can be shown or hidden.

Tip: Click "Edit more objects" to select more sections or frames to apply new properties.

More editing tools on Steel Frame are:

+ Click to frames and stretch grip points

+ Open Tool Palette with JST (JSteelTools) command

+ Run JSC (JSteelChange) command

About Wipeout

Wipeout will help reduce your time of trimming and breaking frames (see image above). Overlapping Steel Frames will be clipped automatically in nature.

You'll need Draw Order command to manage, and Regen command to update them.

To update old Steel Frame block definition, open Draw Palette >>> Manage >>> Update >>> Update Steel Frame Block.

If you are new to wipeout object, open AutoCAD help page for more information.

UP command

After inserted, rotated, mirrored, stretched, frame text can be upside down, and text height needs to be resized:

+ Open Draw Palette, click to Draw Options menu

+ Change the DimScale value at lower left corner.

+ Click OK. Current dimension text height will be changed accordingly to new DimScale value.

+ Type UP command (short cut of JUpdate)

+ Select your frames, and your dimension objects as well.

>>> Text will be adjusted, and text height will be updated equal to current dimension style.


If you haven't loaded the section's database file from library, JTB Steel cannot recognize it, and will put a "(?)" mark to the section tag

Therefore, you should remember to load the right database when edit your drawing.

You can click to Files menu to open library, or click to Help button to open quick start window and choose your preference.

Contact and Support

You can download completed User Guide from our web page: https://jtbworld.com/JTB-Steel. It gives installation instructions, explains how each function works, answers most common questions, gives all terms and conditions, etc.

Visit our webpage for more information: https://jtbworld.com/JTB-Steel

For support email us at info@jtbworld.com