Introducing CADMAN+Tussilago
Do you know how your wife or girlfriend looks at you? Now you can get a hint. I am Jimmy, a CAD and computer nerd. Therése, my wife since 1993 and the cartoonist of CADMAN+Tussilago knows by experience. CADMAN+Tussilago is a cartoon strip on how it is to be married to a computer nerd like me from my wife's point of view. The strips always makes me smile and sometimes gives me a little kick in the butt.
Maybe you too recognizes yourself. Have fun!

Introducing CAD
CADMAN - A typical CAD and computer nerd.
Tussilago - The wife of CADMAN. Here name Tussilago comes from the Swedish name for the little yellow spring flower coltsfoot.

CADMAN+Tussilago was first introduced to the public in November 27:th 2005 at Autodesk University 2005 in Florida as part of Jimmy Bergmark's business card and at the end of the handouts and presentations for the classes he held.

Reproduce CADMAN+Tussilago
Permission to reproduce CADMAN+Tussilago on your Website, blog, corporate Intranet, publication or other means is granted on a case-by-case basis. Fees and restrictions vary depending upon usage. For rates and availability, contact Therése Bergmark at,


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