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ClassificationDefinitionTools for AutoCAD Architecture

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  • AutoCAD Architecture Classification Definitions cannot be exported or imported. With the help of ClassificationDefinitionTools this is possible.
  • Some classification structures can be very large and complicated and this tool can help to avoid the need to type everything manually.


Download of Trial for AutoCAD Architecture 2013 and 2014:
ClassificationDefinitionTools 1.2 for 2013

ClassificationDefinitionTools trial is fully functional except that you can only import or export 10 items. When purchased it can be used without restrictions.

Contact JTB World to get a new download link for your purchased product.

System requirements

Compatible with AutoCAD Architecture (ACA), Architectural Desktop (ADT) and their verticals like AutoCAD MEP and AutoCAD Civil3D. Compatible with versions 2007-2014.

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.



The license is perpetual and support is included.

JTB World is a VAT-registered Swedish company. If your company is outside Sweden and is VAT-registered in EU (European Union) contact us by email before purchase with your company name, VAT-number and what you want to purchase and how many licenses so we can email an invoice and exclude the VAT (25%) on the purchase.

PayPal, share-it, Mastercard/Eurocard, Visa, American Express, and Diner's Club online are accepted. Alternatively, there is support for bank transfer/wire transfer, or Checks and Money Orders through postal mail. Online transfers via giropay and Nordea Solo are also supported. Refund policy.

Below is a link to use for PayPal payment. Make selection in the dropdown and click on Buy Now. Then enter the correct quantity on the PayPal page. We will then email or provide a download link to the software within 1-2 days.

Number of licenses - price per license


In the Style Manager>Multi-Purpose Objects there are Classification Definitions that can be useful for many purposes. But you have to add them one by one. Imagine if you have an existing list of many items in Excel or some other format and you have to add them manually.

Tip. ClassificationDefinition is the command to start the Style Manager with only the Classification Definitions.

To install and run ClassificationDefinitionTools do like this:

  • Download the plug-in.
  • Extract to a folder somewhere locally on your PC.
  • Load ClassificationDefinitionTools.dll using the NetLoad command within the application.
  • Use the either of two commands ClassificationDefinitionImport or ClassificationDefinitionExport. (Tip. Type Clas and use tab several times)

For example say there is an existing classification like this.

ClassificationDefinitionExport shows the dialog box below. Select a Classification Definition Name in the dropdown list and press Export. This will show the list in the textbox Classification Definition Values. The result is automatically copied into the clipboard so you can paste the result into for example Excel.

The columns are separated by tabs.

The first column shows the level where 1 is the top level.

The second column is the name.

The third column is the description.

ClassificationDefinitionImport shows the dialog box below. If the Classification Definition is existing it appends the values. Copy and paste a bunch of values from Excel, Notepad or some other editor. Notice that the format must be tab separated.

After importing this definition the result in the Style Manager is as below.

Contact us for any questions, wishes or comments. A lot more can be done to automate the work with AutoCAD Architecture, its verticals and AutoCAD products in general that can help both a CAD Manager/consultant/reseller or the user.

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