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AutoCAD Architecture 2010 aka Botta.

New and/or enhanced functions
Updates & Service Packs
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AutoCAD 2010 news that are also relevant for Autodesk Architectural 2010.

The DWG file format is new and not compatible with older versions.

New and/or enhanced functions

 UI Contextual Tabs

New, streamlined user interface that offers an optimized organization of tools for quicker access to tools and commands.

 Endcap Editing

Wall endcap editing has been improved by joining Trim and Extend commands with
Fillet and Chamfer, allowing walls to be designed in the same way they will be constructed. 

Wall Cleanup

New wall cleanup editing capabilities help improve wall drafting productivity with
improved component level tools for angled, cornered, and intersecting walls.

Common AutoCAD commands such has Trim and Extend have been joined by Fillet
and Chamfer, providing more control in designing walls as they will actually be
constructed in the field.

A new Space Separator tool has been added, allowing users to automatically divide
spaces that are not bound by walls with plain AutoCAD linework.

A new flip text position grip for AEC Dimensions has been added, giving users
additional control over the placement of text.

More accurately design and annotate drawings with an improved stairs feature,
allowing the inclusion of a distinct “ramp” type, which comes complete with its own
display and annotation tags (Percentage Tag, Degree Tag and Numeric Tag).

Part files and assemblies from Autodesk® Inventor® software can be exported to
AutoCAD Architecture software as MV Blocks, meaning that 2D and 3D views of the
imported content is possible.

When exporting designs via industry foundation class (IFC), relevant space boundary
information is now attached for proper energy analysis for AutoCAD® MEP software.

Tips & Tricks

If you have .NET code that worked with older versions you need to recompile.

 Updates & Service Packs.

Links. for more tips & tricks.

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