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   Click here to download the free plug-in ADTListDefinition to import, create and export ListDefinitions quick and easy.

You need ACA (AutoCAD Architecture), ADT (Autodesk Architectural Desktop), AMEP (AutoCAD MEP)  or ABS (Autodesk Building Systems) to be able to use this program. In the Style Manager>Multi-Purpose Objects there are List Definitions (introduced in the 2007 versions) that can be useful for many purposes. But you have to add them one by one. Imagine if you have an existing list of many items in Excel or some other format and you have to add them manually. Another thing is that even though the list in the Style Manager shows up sorted the list is sorted in the order the items where added when the list is used in a Manual Property Definition, Space name or Zone name. So if you want the items in alphabetic order and add one that is not supposed to end up last you have to add all again. This is one reason when this tool comes handy.

Tip. ListDefinition is the command to start the Style Manager with only the List Definitions.

To install and run ADTListDefinition do like this:

  • Download the plug-in.
  • Extract ADTListDefinition.dll into a folder somewhere.
  • Load ADTListDefinition.dll using the NetLoad command within the application.
  • Use the either of two commands ListDefinitionImport and ListDefinitionExport. (Tip. Type Listd and use tab two or three times)

ListDefinitionImport shows up the dialog box below. If the List Definition is existing it appends the values. Copy and paste a bunch of values from for example Excel.

ListDefinitionExport lists all List Definitions and their items to the Text Window like this.

Here is the result in the Style Manager.

If you like it and would like to support the work to provide free tools like this please use PayPal below. If you want customized plug-ins like this created for your company please contact us.


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