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UnitCAD for AutoCAD

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The easy way to automate and manage your Engineering Drawings and Data

UnitCAD is a unique 2D CAD automation solution designed to provide enormous power, ease and collaboration. JTB World is reselling this AutoCAD plugin.

UnitCAD automates the creation of drawings by defining reusable unit components stored inside a database and controlled through parameters.

Enabling you to put your focus back to where it belongs: your design rules and data.

UnitCAD allows you to define modular components and their assembly.

Consider for example that you have an assembly which contains a plate that can have the following shapes:


The holes are of variable sizes and are sometimes a slot instead of a hole. Any of these plates can be used in a bigger assembly like this.

While the structure remains same, which of the variant is actually used in the assembly depends from job to job. And then the assembly so obtained itself can be used in a bigger assembly of parts and so on.

If you want to manage and automate such a family of parts, only option until now has been to either go for 3D or programming. Both bring their own set of issues. 3D requires investment not only in terms of money but also in terms of time and resources, which may not be justified for all projects. Programming is challenging in terms of definition of scope, proper implementation and the time and cost to maintain.

UnitCAD offers an alternative way which is easy and powerful

You define components for each CAD unit and the driving parameters which control its shape.

You then define the assembly component where you call this component and other components. While calling the child, parent defines its parameters thus controlling its quantity, positioning and dimensioning. These definitions are in the shape of formulas, which use the Global Parameter System, Comprehensive Function Library and Design Data Tables. And the chain of components can be created up to any level.

At the base, you have AutoCAD parametric blocks which are linked to UnitCAD parameters or internal UnitCAD Entities such as Line, Circle etc through which you can create parametric geometry and annotation.

Thus you create a family of parametric components driven by parameters.

For more information visit the Features page.

See a demo Video.


Download a full featured evaluation version from here.

The evaluation copy is fully functional and expires in 30 days.

System requirements

UnitCAD runs on AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD 2013-15 on Microsoft Windows Operating System. It requires .NET Framework version 4 which is automatically installed if you have AutoCAD installed.

It supports both x86 and x64 platforms in line with what AutoCAD does. Minimum system requirements are the same as of AutoCAD.


Order from us online. If purchased from the vendor's website please mention that you found about the product from JTB World.

Your license information will be automatically sent to you by email as soon as your payment has been confirmed.

Using your license key you will be able to convert your evaluation software to a full unrestricted version.

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  Version 1.0
  Includes 1 year of support and minor updates

For inquiries of more than 10 seats, please contact us.

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Have a look at the quick start tutorials in the Product Documentation. Help Index is available here.

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